Grubs Boots Warranty

Grubs Boots USA warranty is available to the original end consumer, that its footwear be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase, providing the said is returned to the original point of purchase within twelve calendar months of the date of purchase.


This limited warranty does not cover any damage arising from: normal wear and tear, failure to adequately maintain and store the footwear, unauthorized alterations, repairs or modifications not performed by Grubs Boots USA, used other than in the manner intended, improper or inadequate fit, use of a safety boot after such boot has sustained damage rendering it unsafe for use in the environment for which it was designed, damage caused by chemical, organic or foreign substances.  Grubs Boots USA does not warrant that any of its footwear provides protection from snakebites or bites from other wildlife and is not liable for personal injury resulting from such bites.



Understanding our warranty.

Any pair of shoes or boots you buy should be of reasonable quality, with no damage such as missing pieces, holes, stains etc. The items should be fit for the purposes intended – i.e. if a boot is described as waterproof, it should be exactly that!

As listed in our exclusions, we will not warranty any returns that exhibit wear or wear related issues:

Our boots are waterproof, insulated and comfortable straight from the box any issue that is due to a manufacturing issue will show up within the first weeks of use, such as leaking or poor bonding.  We advise to try on boots inside to ensure correct fit and to wear the boots as intended as soon as possible.

While the rubber and nylon upper are very durable, it is essential to ensure that you maintain them with regular cleaning and conditioning. Simply spray them with water and use a soft brush to remove any dirt then apply a rubber conditioner to replace the lost plasticizing agents in the rubber.  Acidic or alkali soils, animal waste and chemical fertilizers all leach the plasticizers from the rubber upper and soles.  If regularly exposed and not cleaned and maintained it will harden and crack causing splits and eventual leaking.  

Grubs Boots USA does not warrant:

• Product returned for incorrect fit or injuries sustained due to it, such as blisters or rubbing. 

• Excessive or quick wear.

• Cracking or splitting of uppers and or soles.

• Cut, snagged or damaged upper.

• Over twelve months old.

• That are a replacement pair of boots for a pair that has failed within the warranty period and has been replaced under warranty.  If boots are replaced under warranty the warranty continues from the original date of purchase not the replacement date.

• Products without proof of purchase.

• Persons other than the original purchaser.


Warranty process.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our ethical approach to their production. We are a responsible trading partner with all our customers.  For all warranty claims call 1.800.788-2330

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